How Prepared Are you?

How Prepared Are you?


Once lived two Basketball champions in the city of Champion.One day curiosity boils in them and they began interrogating each other whether there is basketball in Heaven(remember basketball had a soft-spot in their heart). Unluckily enough, few days later one of them passed on, leaving the other forlorn and distress on earth.The demise of his colleague disturb him consistently, on what exactly the friend was doing over there in heaven..while him he was playing his game here on earth. Fortunately, one day the friend who had died resurrected and came along with two types of news for him. First, he had good news for him that there is basketball in heaven, but the bad news was the friend was schedule in the pitch tomorrow…..Bottom-line, Are you prepared to be in the pitch tomorrow????


JrObunge is  a young Kenyan citizen from the lakeside particularly the plains of Kano profoundly famous for flood devastation. I was born in the summer of 1993 21st June at a place known  as kano korowe(now known as a place of one storey building) along Kisumu- Nairobi highway, from a christian loving couples ImageImage